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Oncology Massage

Consider this: nearly half of American men and more than a third of American women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life.

Chances are, many of you reading this have been or will be touched by cancer – either as your own challenge or someone close to you. The cancer journey is a stressful one, no doubt, full of unknowns, fear, and clinical time.

So how does one cope with all of it?

Oncology Massage.

It may be the last thing on the mind of someone facing cancer, but there are reasons to consider it as a helpful tool along this journey.

Stress causes a ‘fight or flight’ state, a mode for many of us in our busy lives. We all know that stress is not good for us, the therapeutic touch of massage actually releases neurotransmitters that take us out of this stress mode, that give our bodies a nice ‘time out’. Who doesn’t need that? This time out from stress can give our immune system a nice breather and a chance for the natural healing abilities to activate that are innate in our bodies.

Cancer treatments often come with side effects; Oncology Massage, when performed by a qualified therapist, has been shown to provide relief from pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, as well as other symptoms.

“I’m a very positive influence on these cancer patients who feel like their life has been taken away from them with this diagnosis. Cancer patients often feel isolated, and there’s still, in this day and age, a fear. Having someone who is providing a nurturing touch for them is healing in itself.” Cynthia Lockhart, massage therapist, and breast cancer survivor

When the cancer journey involves surgery, scarred or tightened muscle tissue can cause pain or restrict movement. Therapeutic massage can help loosen affected tissue and disperse the build-up around scars which can help lessen pain, reduce evidence of the scar, and/or return muscle tissue to its normal length to improve range of motion. In some cases of breast cancer surgery, subsequent therapeutic massage has given women the ability to take their first deep breath following breast surgery.

Massage for those with cancer can be a very positive and safe experience, but it is important for the therapist to know some of the precautions and possible negative effects of certain types of massage. A therapist who proceeds without any precautions may leave the client with negative side effects from the massage. For example, if heat is used inappropriately or a deeper pressure than is safe, a client who is still in cancer treatment might have negative side effects such as nausea, flu-like symptoms, or swelling.

If you are someone affected by cancer, please know that massage can be safe when performed by an oncology-aware therapist and that you should feel free to ask any questions about their approach or whether anything makes you uncomfortable.

Sweet Serenity Massage and Salt Therapy has qualified therapists that can provide a safe and therapeutic massage for oncology patients. Not only for the time out but for the therapeutics of it.

Why not give yourself the treat of a therapeutic Oncology Massage at Sweet Serenity Massage and Salt Therapy?


“A Vacation from Cancer” by Gayle MacDonald;

Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer by Gayle MacDonald


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