Meditation & Yoga are $20 per class. Pre pay is required. To sign up click here.
Meditation with Amanda

Explore your inner space of deep stillness and peace as the mind is guided in a meditation class by learning relaxing breathing techniques. Each class will explore the subtle energy system to bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. 

Upcoming class Dates:
1/16 @ 6pm
2/13 @ 6pm
3/13 @ 6pm


Meet Amanda!


A foundational 300-hour yoga teaching certification in hatha yoga, pranayama, and mediation have lead me to unite people with their inner peaceful warriors. I believe that balance is the key to life. What we think, say, feel, and do requires awareness. In my meditation class you will discover curiosity for awareness to grow. I teach subtle movements of the body, breathing techniques, and mindful exploration to invite peace, restoration, and relaxation to the body and mind. I offer clear and concise explanations to build a spiritual foundation for lifelong mediation practice. I enjoy an active lifestyle with my family and teach middle school Spanish. In my classes you will discover the importance of cultivating mindfulness in every aspect of life

Restorative Yoga with Lexi!

Rest in the vibrational frequencies of our Salt Therapy room and awaken your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Restorative poses will help align and cleanse your energy systems, massage your organs and tissues, and sing to your soul. When our physical body is supported in a safe environment, our habitual holding patterns can begin to dissolve. This style of practice replaces effort with ease. Encouraging the parasympathetic nervous system in the body, this is the home to your rest, digest, and healing abilities. Each pose is held for 5-7 minutes, allowing your body time to process and detoxify excess stress hormones held in the tissues and experience deeper levels of relaxation.

Upcoming class Dates:

1/23 @ 6pm

Meet Lexi!

Alexis (Lexi) Bardonner found yoga over seven years ago, often exhausted in thought after multiple philosophical classes at Xavier University. She struggled with headaches and anxiety after battling a brain bleed from a cheer-leading stunt in 2007. Since her first yoga class, it has given her the tools to understand her emotions, handle stress, and remain at peace even in difficult circumstances. Yoga has been a great tool for self knowledge and self healing to then go on and help heal others through restorative/ yin yoga to couples and families. She has a Masters degree in Urban Sustainability from Xavier University and currently is teaching private lessons throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Lexi’s goal is to help others on their own path to find inner peace and empowerment. Her passion lies in healing others and promoting wellness, working to unite the mind, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Her unique style incorporates Vinyasa breath to movement connection, meditation, and pranayama. Each class is built around a theme meant to provoke insight and growth. She hopes to create a safe place for students to get to know themselves, find compassion, and self love in order to find what it is that inspires them—and share that passion with the world! Yoga for her is more than a physical practice. Yoga is a means to connect with the purest version of yourself in order to shine light onto this world.

She gives thanks to her family, friends, and Mr. Fox (really named Guinness), her Bernese Mountain dog.