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Practicing Gratitude

We are taught at a very young age to say, “Thank You.” And most of us learned this lesson well. The words easily roll off our tongue when someone shows us courtesy or gives us something, but what do we feel when we say the words? Do we feel a sense of Gratitude? This article is a gentle reminder to all of us of how transformative, healthy, and uplifting it can be to live our lives with a sense of Gratitude.

Yes, in our world today, there is a lot that one could focus on as being negative, but we can also all find much to be grateful for. Perhaps it’s: the quiet of the morning and that first cup of coffee; the family and friends in your life; the beauty of flowers; or that you woke up today, are breathing and can read this. In Eckhart Tolle’s words: “Abundance is always there around you. But you need to recognize it, acknowledge it, and another word for that is Gratitude. “Practicing Gratitude is as simple as taking a snippet of your day to become aware of all the good, the abundance around you.

There are many ways to practice Gratitude. A few examples are: keep a gratitude diary or journal; practice gratitude meditations; carry or wear an item that will remind you to stop and be grateful. There are many resources available at our fingertips to get us started or to keep us going in our gratitude practice. “Gratitude is… a way to frame and learn from everything that unfolds in our lives.” (A Network for Grateful Living) Imagine for a moment the difference in how you would feel after taking a few minutes to stop, think and feel the reasons in your life to be grateful, vs. spending those same moments worried, distressed or angry.

Hopefully, the difference is clear and enough to motivate you to frame your life by acknowledging all the good around you and within you. When you feel the abundance around and within you, that positive, peaceful energy is apparent and can be contagious. A positive contagion!


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