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Meet Kristie, LMT

It's time we introduce Kristie to you. She is a phenomenal massage therapist and the newest member of our staff.

Kristie was born and raised in Augusta, KY. She met and married a military man. They moved to South Carolina & Tennessee, but Kristie always knew someday she wanted to move back to Kentucky. Once her husband retired from the military, they purchased some property near Augusta and began building a home. In her spare time, she works in her garden; as well as enjoys being outdoors, hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, and recently took up pickleball. I know, what's pickleball? It's a mashup of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Sounds like a fun way to get some exercise in!

Kristie worked for years in the office area of healthcare buildings. She had family members that had health issues and realized the importance of being present and the power of touch.

In 2014, she graduated from Cumberland Institute in Brentwood, Tennessee. A few of the modalities she learned while in school were Swedish, acupressure, and craniosacral therapy. Since graduating, she has expanded her knowledge in Sacred Lomi, deep tissue, fascial freedom, Reiki, and Himalayan salt stone. Kristie is licensed as a massage therapist in Kentucky and is a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. In 2018 she completed a 100-hour certification in Esalen Massage®. This, in particular, has helped to define her style of massage.

Kristie attended Lexington Healing Arts Academy and completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2020.

Her favorite part of being a massage therapist is how unique every session. Every time she learns something new she finds herself still wanting to know more about how the body functions.

In a massage with Kristie, you may experience warm or room temperature Himalayan salt stones. Warmed they help relieve muscle tension as well as provide added relaxation. At room temperature, she will use them on the face and neck to provide cooling relief for sinus pressure or headaches. She feels, as a massage therapist, it is her main responsibility to offer space for healing. She thinks we have the answers in us and a session can allow us to connect to our inner knowing.

Kristie combines slow, nurturing, long strokes along with more specific work for areas in need of attention, “My pace tends to be a little slower and I also incorporate still work into sessions. I feel this allows me to stay grounded and I also feel it gives the client the space and time to connect with the work we are doing.” She feels there’s no one size fits all, every massage is customizable to what the client needs during that particular session.

Here at Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy, you can schedule an Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki, or Therapeutic Massage with Kristie. To make your appointment you can go to our website and request an appointment, or call 859-371-7258.


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