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Meet Patty, LMT

Patty was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She is an only child but has lots of cousins. Patty loves being crafty and working in the yard; during the COVID Stay-at-Home order, she built raised beds for a vegetable garden. She also enjoyed tending to her flower beds.

Patty worked for Gateway Apparel and moved from state to state opening retail stores. One of her favorites was Augusta, Georgia-she loved the southern culture and the ability to be at the beach in 2 hours. Her final destination was Cincinnati, OH. She made the move across the river to Kentucky when Gateway Apparel closed. After 15 years of retail management, Patty was ready for a change.

Patty went back to school to become a medical transcriptionist. Working full time, she was sitting all day, and it was doing a number on her back. By the end of the massage that her friend took her to, she felt she needed another change. She went back to school for massage, but she was also working full time as a medical transcriptionist. She did distance learning from the Myotherapy Institute of Utah. Patty took hands-on training with Peggy Roberts and Nora Hale in Hebron, KY, on the weekends for a year. Patty felt very confident thanks to her teachers; she could not have asked for anyone better. In school, Patty was trained in Swedish massage; however, she also does phenomenal deep tissue, pregnancy, craniosacral, and Reiki.

After she graduated in 2001, Patty started out in two chiropractic offices, one in Hebron & one in Ft. Thomas. She found a great deal of knowledge with both Chiropractors and feels Chiropractic work can be very beneficial.

Patty met Fran, owner of Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy, working for another Salon. When she heard Fran was opening Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy, she looked for more massage opportunities and decided to join the team in 2019.

When a client comes in with an issue, together, Patty and the client will figure out how to fix the problem. She feels the body knows what's wrong and how to fix it. "Nine times out of ten, the client, on some level, knows what to do. My session with them just confirms what they've been thinking." Patty feels like her massage is most productive when her clients go to their happy place during their massage. She always uses Young Living essential oils on the bottom of the feet to start and intuitively where needed on the body during the massage. She likes using massage cream instead of massage lotion because it leaves her client without lotions' greasy feeling. Patty's favorite type of massage to give is that clients trust her to do her thing.

According to Patty, you cannot think of this as a guilty pleasure or a luxury. You should be thinking of this as part of your healthcare. Among other things, massage increases circulation and helps the immune system stay strong. Many of her clients say they don't have to regularly see the doctor when receiving massage regularly. Patty's best advice before your massage is to be hydrated. Massage pushes toxins and gases out of your muscles that make you sore. If you don't have enough fluid in your system, it can make you feel nauseated.

To book an appointment with Patty, you can call us at 859-371-SALT or click here to request an appointment.


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