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two of our most sold products!

We would like to share with you two of our client favorite products and highlight their benefits! Think of this as a how-to-use guide that goes a little (or a lot) more in-depth about how exactly each can be used.

Clear My Head Inhalation Jar

The Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation jar has an exhilarating smell. It consists of botanicals and essential oils, all packed into an appealing glass jar that features a charming seashell on the inside. Clear My Head states that the shell can be carried discreetly in your pocket or purse to capture the scent when you aren't around the jar.

To use, simply remove the lid and take a few deep breaths in. Something to keep in mind, the longer you have the lid off, the more prone it is too drying out and losing its smell. Clear My Head states that it can last up to 2 years, but that depends on how frequently you use the jar and how long the lid is off during each use. Another great idea: if the jar's scent doesn't seem to be strong enough or it's not working as effectively, you can take one full shell scoop of the botanical mixture and add it to 2 cups of hot water. Tent your head with a towel and breathe the steam in for about 10.

Mental fog in full force today? Got a clogged nose from allergies or a cold? Feeling tons of pressure from a sinus headache? You can find comfort! Anyone can benefit from this, and those benefits seem almost endless.

Clear My Head 2Go Sinus Roll-on

Another great Clear My Head product-the 2go Sinus Relief Roll-on. Perfect for travel. It is packaged in a very fitting and comfortable glass tube. It features a convenient roll-on applicator that glides on smoothly, ensuring the right amount of product is dispensed every time.

Featuring the same combination of essential oils and botanicals as the Clear My Head Inhalation Jar, this little wonder is great for sinus relief! Clear My Head states that they have chosen these specific essential oils for their antibacterial and anti-viral properties to help boost your immune system and help protect you from airborne pathogens (bacteria/viruses). If you are battling a case of the sniffles, help yourself out by using this to assist in opening your airways. Apply as needed right underneath your nose, behind your ears, or on your chest. Think of it as an all-natural vapor rub without any harsh chemicals involved. Allergy sufferers can reap the same benefits too!

*Disclaimer* Results from the use of these products vary from person to person. Some of these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Some of these products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. It is in no way a replacement for any medication or a substitution for medical care of any kind. Use at your own discretion. If you have any concerns about using these products alongside any medication, please talk to a doctor before beginning use.

**Essentials oils in both Herbal Inhalation jar and 2go Clear My Head Sinus Relief:

Rosemary, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, red thyme, and ravensara**

Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation jar

2go Clear My Head Sinus Relief

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