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Myofascial Release

Do you find yourself carrying out repetitive movements every day?

Activities such as sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, driving, or texting several hours a day most days of the week can have you in a forward & downward position. It is common to have tension in the neck or the feeling of your shoulders hunched up just below your ears. Overuse, repetitive movement, or injury can cause adhesions of the fascia, which can limit movement and contribute to stiffness or discomfort in the body.

Fascia is the 3D web-like connective tissue found throughout the entire body that separates, joins, and surrounds other types of tissue. Myofascia wraps around each individual muscle and muscle group in an effort to support muscles inactivation and movement.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a technique that could be used to remedy movement limitations and stiffness related to repetitive movement movements. Typically, the therapist would inspect and feel the upper back area, shoulders, and neck for specific areas that seem anchored or fixed. The sustained pressure is applied without lubrication to that area for 1-2 minutes. Often pressure is applied in the same area in a different direction for another 1-2 minutes. This is repeated until the area feels more pliable, and then actively massaged with oil or cream.

Incorporating myofascial release into a therapeutic massage session can help to soften the area, allowing for greater access to the muscle. This can also help with increasing flow and restoring hydration to the connective tissue and muscle, which in turn would improve range of motion and decrease discomfort for the client.

Experience MFR for yourself. Call us at 859-371-7258, or click here, to schedule your appointment today!


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