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The Story

The story behind Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy started many years ago. While Fran was attending the 2015 Cranio-Sacral conference, she met a young man who talked to her about Salt Therapy or Halotherapy – the technical name. She was intrigued as she had never heard of Salt Therapy and asked him to tell her more about it. He explained what a salt room was and described the one at his facility and the different available design options. He continued to explain all the health benefits of Salt Therapy, especially those for good lung health. Fran immediately thought of her grandson, Lucas, who has chronic lung disease, and other respiratory issues.

When Fran returned home from the conference, she started her research. After extensive research, she realized how this could help her grandson and potentially other people. It was at that moment Fran decided she needed to bring Salt Therapy to everyone in the community. She had always dreamed of being part of, or possibly owning, a Holistic Health Center. The idea of using all-natural products to help benefit an individual’s health would be her number one goal.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that Fran started to pursue her dream. She checked out several locations and was referred by a friend to the shop’s current location on Berberich Dr. in Florence. In January 2017, after months of planning by Fran and her husband Bob, construction began. Thanks to Bob and her family’s hard work, Sweet Serenity Massage, and Salt Therapy opened in March of 2017. Her idea for a Holistic Health Center came to life.

Sweet Serenity Massage and Salt Therapy are fortunate to have three other fantastic Massage Therapists, with an array of special training, to help our clients. All of our therapists pride themselves on their Prenatal and Therapeutic massages. Donna specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Oncology Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Salt Scrubs. Patty specializes in Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy. Tara specializes in Cupping, Bamboo Massage, Cold Stone Therapy, and Hot Stone Massage. Fran Specializes in Lypossage, Bamboo Massage, Cold Stone Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Facial Toning, Hotstone Massage, and Salt Scrubs.

In March 2018, Fran introduced an Infrared Salt Sauna. This added an additional service for her clients; using the infrared sauna before a massage helps warm muscles and joints, which increases a massage’s benefits. The Infrared Salt Sauna’s primary use is to detox the body; however, it has many other benefits-such as promoting better sleep, relief of sore muscles and joints, and improved circulation. We highly encourage you to drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after your Infrared Sauna session to ward off dehydration from the heat.

When the space next to Sweet Serenity Massage and Salt Therapy became available in 2019, Fran’s mind began to imagine again. Her husband went back to the drafting board and designed her two new rooms. In March of 2020, the new space was complete and ready for use. With this expansion, Fran is now able to offer more services and classes to her clients. One room is used as an additional massage room, while the other room is primarily used as an extra couple’s massage room. She imagined the larger of the two rooms could also be used for special events (bridal parties, baby showers) along with other services or classes (sound therapy class, educational workshops, meditation, and yoga classes).

Due to COVID, the dreams for the larger space are currently unavailable in person. Still, some are available using our Video on Demand or Live Stream options! For more information about that, click here. We look forward to opening our special space when guidelines permit.

Sweet Serenity Massage and Salt Therapy are blessed to have won several Best of NKY awards. In 2018 we were recognized as one of the top 3 Best Medical Spas; in 2019, we won Best Medical Spa; and, in 2020, we won Best Place for a Spa Day. Without you, Sweet Serenity Massage and Salt Therapy would not be where it is today.

Fran would like to thank you all for your patronage. We look forward to working with you in the future. Our goal is to relax the world, one client at a time.


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