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Meet Fran, LMT & Owner

Meet the owner of Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy!

Fran grew up in Ft. Thomas, Ky. She was the youngest of four children. Fran and her husband Bob have been married for 42 years and live in Independence, Ky. They have four children Jennifer, Zachary, Jacob & Maria; each has blessed her with a grandchild to love. She loves when her children and grandbabies are all under her roof for special occasions.

Before becoming a massage therapist, Fran was an X-ray technician at Good Sam Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, for 15 years. For seven of those years, she worked as a clinical instructor. Fran enjoyed her co-workers, being an x-ray tech, and being a clinical instructor; but, she found herself being called to stay home with her four children. While Fran stayed home, she also assisted Bob with his concrete construction business. Once her youngest was off to high school, she found herself wanting to do something new. Fran wanted something that would allow her to set her own schedule and still be available to her family.

In 2005, she graduated from Cincinnati School of Medical assage, second in her class. During her time at school, she was trained in only the basics of massage. Fran feels that her experience as an X-ray tech and knowledge of anatomy has helped her with her massage technique. To further refine her massage techniques, additional training would be necessary. She has primarily taken part in neuromuscular and craniosacral technique seminars. Fran says she has enjoyed her craniosacral conferences most because it puts a whole new perspective on how the body communicates with every separate system. She finds it fascinating how many systems simultaneously work together to keep bodies moving every single day.

In 2017 Fran opened Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy. To read all about this adventure, click here.

Her “fun training,” as she calls them, is in facial toning, hot and cold stone techniques, salt scrubs, and salt wraps. She is excited to introduce salt wraps in January 2021.

She has also taken part in Lypossage and Prenatal seminars. She is even certified to teach new parents, “Baby’s First Massage.”

Fran is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation as a BWC provider.

Fran has worked in Salons and Spas, nursing homes, and made house calls to clients’ homes early on in her career. After 15 years of massage experience, her primary focus now is medical massage. Fran felt that with her previous medical background, she could be more helpful to her clients. Her sessions are tailored to each client to promote healing. In her therapeutic massage, she likes incorporating hot and cold stones to help with inflammation and tension.

To book an appointment with Fran, you can call us at 859-371-SALT or go to our website and request an appointment.


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